A Christian Perspective on the Financial Crisis

Great new today on the bounce back in the stock market.  Good to finally hear some good news.

A Christian Perspective on the Financial Crisis
The best article I have read explaining the financial crisis of our country that lead to the $700 Billion governement bail out is by a Christian writer named Michael Craven.    For an excellent Christian perspective, check out the article The Financial Crisis: Lessons on the virtue of thrift.  I was particularly taken by this observation from Michael’s Article:

Instead of institutions committed to the principles of thrift, the market is now flooded with predatory institutions and parasites who prey on the naïve, desperate, and irresponsible, such as “subprime credit card issuers, mortgage brokers, rent-to-own merchants, payday lenders, auto title lenders, tax refund lenders, private student-loan companies, franchise tax preparers, check cashing outlets and the state lottery” (Ibid.). God, who has compassion on the poor, calls this “oppression” and describes it as an “abomination” (see Ezek. 18:13).

Like everything in life this comes back around to a spiritual issue.    This is a time we all need to take a fresh look at how we live.

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