Sunday’s Miracle

If you missed Sunday’s service, we had a very unique and powerful day.   After my message on Why Darfur Matters, Paul Jackson took the microphone, and he challenged the church to raise $12,000 for the “water solutions” project in Darfur TODAY.

After the service concluded, many people came to Paul and joined his offering to raise $8,800 on the spot.   In addition to that miraculous offering, another person offered to make up the difference to bring our total to $12,000!!!

We will be sending a $12,000 check to our missionaries this week so they can bring fresh water to a village in Darfur.  This will save lives, and lead people to Jesus.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this . . . Sunday was a dream come true for me!

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Miracle

  1. Ryan

    my parents told me about this last night and all I can say is…good for you. thanks for taking pulpit time to talk about how we as christians can actually get invovled in our world. so awesome to see what God did with it.

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