Wednesday Night – A Sweet Time of Prayer

On Wednesday night we had a time of prayer and communion.   It was so good to see people seeking God’s presence.  in church services we often design them to respond to people’s “felt” needs – like finance problems, marriage problems, job situations, ect.   In addition to this, we also need to seek God’s presence, not just His help.   Indian Lake’s monthly communion time on Wednesday Night will be a great opportunity to seek HIm in this concentrated way.

HAT Presentation Tuesday

I had stated earlier that our HAT presentation would be on Thursday, but it was actually on Tuesday morning.  It was a great experience.  The students and teachers of Beech High School enthusiastically recieved our presentation.  They were so excited to greet the honored teacher – Mr. Calloway.  Congratulations to Mr. Calloway and all the nominated teachers.

With the money raised from VBS, Kim Driver put together a beautiful basket with gift certificates that Mr. Calloway will enjoy.

We look forward to spreading the HAT program to other churches.