I Want To Lead

On several of my blogs I have mentioned I Want to Lead.  Hear is a brief run-down of what this is:

I Want to Lead is an event that God has put on my heart that I have been working on for a few months.   This gathering is designed for students who entering or have just completed their High School senior year.    This will take place June 22-25, 2009 in the Nasvhille area.

Note: Yes, I know the date is wrong on the logo.  No, the web-site has not been launched yet, but we own the URLs.

I Want to Lead exists to gather these young Christian leaders for the purpose of fellowship, inspiration, exposure to world-class leaders and long-term networking.

What will be accomplished during the I Want To Lead gathering?
– Fellowship & networking between HS seniors from other churches and geographical locations.
– A reward for good leadership during HS
– Exposure to new experience in a major American city (Nashville)
– Exposure to world class Christian leaders in the local church, academic and the secular market place.
– Long-term networking opportunities with like-minded Christian leaders (both students and faculty).

This is a big vision that some days doesn’t seem likely, but each step I take God has opened up new doors.  When you think of this event, throw up a prayer for me and the team working on this.

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