Who has changed your destiny?

Ultimately, God is the one who holds are destiny.  However, he uses certain people in our lives whose moments of influence changes our destiny.  I have often talked about the mentors who have effected my life in a long-term relationship, but there are other people who may have played a shorter role, but they still changed my destiny through their influence.

– My Young Life director, who gently corrected my “graceless” theology over breakfast,  Thank you, Richard Black.
– My high school teammate, who told his coach about me . . . which lead to a scholarship at a Christian college.  Thankyou,  Bubba.
– My favorite professor in college, who exposed me to tons of new authors that re-defined my faith.  Thank you, Dr. Fine.
– A lady who didn’t know me, but after prayer encouraged her church’s leaders to consider me in their pastoral search.  She now works for me, and is a good friend!   Thank you, Penny Cowart.
– A college professor who challenged me to pursue my master’s degree, and now will be teaching me next year at Southeastern University.  Thank you, Dr. Charles Gaulden.

The list could go on.   But my list isn’t important.  What is your list?  Take time to reflect on who God has used to change your destiny.   If you want to share part of your list with me and other readers, feel free to comment.

Preparing The Soil

On my day off (Monday) I spent all day – all day! – in our flower beds.   Ripping up weeds and misplaced grass was hard, dirty work.   I had dirt and mud everywhere.   At the end of the day, I had beds ready for fall flowers.  As I worked though the day, I thought a lot about spiritual work.   Preparing the soil is a lot of hard, dirty work.   As I think of all the opportunity our church has to see a beautiful harvest, I am thankful for people who prepared the soil.

– I am thankful for the early members of New Community Church who took a risk, and started a church in Beech High School.
– I am thankful for former members of our church who gave sacrificially to see the building built.
– I am thankful for the people who believed in me when we started Sumner Life, and stuck with me and Beth through some difficult times.
– I am thankful for all the members of The Church at Indian Lake who have patiently worked though the pains of transition as we have created a new church.

Its a lot of hard, dirty work that to prepare the soil, but when we see a beautiful spiritual garden grown by God, the work will be worth it.