Preparing The Soil

On my day off (Monday) I spent all day – all day! – in our flower beds.   Ripping up weeds and misplaced grass was hard, dirty work.   I had dirt and mud everywhere.   At the end of the day, I had beds ready for fall flowers.  As I worked though the day, I thought a lot about spiritual work.   Preparing the soil is a lot of hard, dirty work.   As I think of all the opportunity our church has to see a beautiful harvest, I am thankful for people who prepared the soil.

– I am thankful for the early members of New Community Church who took a risk, and started a church in Beech High School.
– I am thankful for former members of our church who gave sacrificially to see the building built.
– I am thankful for the people who believed in me when we started Sumner Life, and stuck with me and Beth through some difficult times.
– I am thankful for all the members of The Church at Indian Lake who have patiently worked though the pains of transition as we have created a new church.

Its a lot of hard, dirty work that to prepare the soil, but when we see a beautiful spiritual garden grown by God, the work will be worth it.

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