Wednesday Night – A Sweet Time of Prayer

On Wednesday night we had a time of prayer and communion.   It was so good to see people seeking God’s presence.  in church services we often design them to respond to people’s “felt” needs – like finance problems, marriage problems, job situations, ect.   In addition to this, we also need to seek God’s presence, not just His help.   Indian Lake’s monthly communion time on Wednesday Night will be a great opportunity to seek HIm in this concentrated way.

HAT Presentation Tuesday

I had stated earlier that our HAT presentation would be on Thursday, but it was actually on Tuesday morning.  It was a great experience.  The students and teachers of Beech High School enthusiastically recieved our presentation.  They were so excited to greet the honored teacher – Mr. Calloway.  Congratulations to Mr. Calloway and all the nominated teachers.

With the money raised from VBS, Kim Driver put together a beautiful basket with gift certificates that Mr. Calloway will enjoy.

We look forward to spreading the HAT program to other churches.

Phil Zarn’s Article

Phil Zarns – our missionary to Sweden and my friend – just had an article published in Relevant Magazine.   Phil is learning the Swede language, and this article will give you insight into what he is going through.  Check it out by clicking on

Each month our church sends financial support to Phil.    We are proud to support Phil and his wife Katja!

On Thursday, we will make our first presentation of the HAT program to a deserving teacher at Beech High School in Hendersonville.   HAT stands for Honor A Teacher.  Kim Driver is the visionary behind this program.    Students who attend The Church at Indian Lake nominated their favorite teacher, then we drew a name in service for a teacher to receive gift basket worth $500.   It will be great to give this away tomorrow.  If you are interested in bringing this program to you church, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with Kim.

Sunday’s Miracle

If you missed Sunday’s service, we had a very unique and powerful day.   After my message on Why Darfur Matters, Paul Jackson took the microphone, and he challenged the church to raise $12,000 for the “water solutions” project in Darfur TODAY.

After the service concluded, many people came to Paul and joined his offering to raise $8,800 on the spot.   In addition to that miraculous offering, another person offered to make up the difference to bring our total to $12,000!!!

We will be sending a $12,000 check to our missionaries this week so they can bring fresh water to a village in Darfur.  This will save lives, and lead people to Jesus.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this . . . Sunday was a dream come true for me!

A Study Day with Darfur Issue

Thursday was my study day, and I prepared for this Sunday’s talk on Why Darfur Matters.  I had studied this issue last year, and so most of my day was a review of what I had already read.  Specifically, I re-read Not On Our Watch by Don Cheadle and John Prendegast.   Looking at this issue again re-ignited the passion against genocide and made me glad that our church is going to engage in this tragic issue.  It also was also a reminder that when we are not exposed to an issue, how quickly we forget.

Pray with me that we hear God’s heart for the people of the Darfur region during our service this Sunday.

On Thursday evening Beth and I went to dinner at Paul and Deborah Jackson’s home in Lebanon.   They have a beautiful new home, and we enjoyed the “fondu” they provided.  Paul, who has extensive experience in promotions and event planning, will be helping me with I Want to Lead.