Cast Your Vote, But Don’t Cast Your Judgment

This is a week when we are asked to give our opinion.  On Tuesday, we get to share with our vote who we think will lead us best politically.  Isn’t there something just a little bit intoxicating about this?   We get to choose.  Its our opinion that gets counted.  It will be easy to develop the attitude – “These politicians better earn our vote.”   Let’s just be careful not to take this same attitude of judgment to the people close to us.  We are called to love our family and friends, not to evaluate and judge them.

I love how Henri Nouwen described the non-judgmental life:  We are not sent to the world to judge, to condemn, to evaluate, to classify, or to label.  When we walk around as if we have to make up our minds about  people and tell them what is wrong with them and how they should change, we only create more division . . . In a world that constantly asks us to make up our minds about other people, a non-judgmental presence seems nearly impossible.   But it is one of the most beautiful fruits of a deep spiritual life and will be easily recognized by those who long for reconciliation.

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