President Barack Obama

barack-obamaWe have a new president – Barack Obama.  This fact is one of the most remarkable stories of our time.   Regardless of your political beliefs, we can all share in the wonder of this election’s historical implications.   Regardless of who won this election, here are some things we all should do:

– Continue to stand up for issues you believe in.  If this outcome pleases you, congratulations.  If you happen to be disappointed with this vote, don’t check out of the process.   There are still many things we can make a difference in – like Darfur and pro-life issues – regardless of who is in the presidency.   Don’t let an outcome you don’t like be an excuse to disengage from activism.
– Give respect to the office of the presidency
– Speak blessings over our new president
– Pray for the president and his family
– Remember, than an ungracious attitude towards the president-elect may isolate the same people you want to influence for Christ.  If you don’t like the outcome, allow those who do enjoy their victory.

These are some thoughts I have before I go to bed.   I will sleep well tonight, glad the election is finally over.  I also will sleep well with the realization that nothing has changed to keep us from reaching our city and touching the world for Jesus Christ.

5 thoughts on “President Barack Obama

  1. I know it’s been a few days, but I appreciate you you guys posting your responses. Thanks for sharing this with your customers, Cindy. I agree with Tracy . . . and I am glad that we can all be positive as we trust God.

  2. Tracy

    Aaron I agree with you. Jesus showed us how to respect those who are in power even if you do not agree with them. God also says to respect mans’ law and those in charge of it. Though I was disappointed in the outcome, I am excited to see where this takes us personally and collective as a Christian and an American.

  3. Cindy Lee

    Wow! Once again, you cause me to open my mind & my heart to what God has to say to me, whether it’s through His word or through a man. In the industry I’m in, it’s easy to see discouragement on a day to day basis, so I took the liberty of quoting you to my customers today, & hope your words will bless some of them as they have me. Have a wonderful day, & I’ll see you tonight!


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