Voting Thoughts

lineI went to my local poll place at 7:15 this morning.  It took me almost two hours to vote.  My vote for the president seemed a little futile, since all the polling had already pre-determined the outcome in our district.  However, there were other very important races on the ballot.  The lady in front of me had no idea how to vote on the other races, so I encouraged her to leave it blank.  This was the first election that was truly inconvenient for me, so I understand more clearly why voter apathy exists (though it is still inexcusable).  Here are some thoughts about our voting process:

– The surveys, polls, and the pre-determined “battle ground” states takes away the thrill of the outcome being mysterious.  Our plethora of information has made this election less fun.
– I feel very sorry for the senior citizens who are running the polling places.  Shouldn’t some youth leagues be volunteering for this? Ok, I guess I could have volunteered too . . .
– My local voting place didn’t order “I Voted” stickers.   I always acted like I didn’t want one of those stickers in the past, but now that they are not available I feel like my experience was incomplete.  Plus, it jipped me out of a free Starbuck’s coffee.
– I am ready for a legitimate third party.  We need better ideas, not the muddy allogations about past votes and unrealistic spending.   A third party – whether on the right or left – would cause truer ideas to move to the front of our dialogue.   Our last two presidents have both been moderates who have used the concept of “triangulation” to increase spending, without truly making anyone happy.   Neither liberals or conservatives are happy, and no real progress in our nation has occurred.  We are in more debt, with no clear direction on what ideals we have as a people.
– The amount of money spent on commercials has been ludicrous.    I know the economy is tough, but there is still a lot of disposable money out there going to propaganda instead of meaningful causes.   Our country still has such distorted priorities.

Let’s hope the 2012 election will be a new day with fresh ideas, and real direction.

2 thoughts on “Voting Thoughts

  1. brenda south

    i thought i was the only one who felt my vote was incomplete as i didnt get my “i voted” sticker either!!whats the dealio???

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