New Construction, Randomn Thoughts

Constuction Starts on Friday (Sort of . . . )
We are finally making some progress on the unfinished part of our building.  After three months of dealing with codes, our contractor finally has the permit.    The building materials have been ordered.  On Friday, a crew will come and finish up clearing out the unfinished space so they can start late next week.   I think we will see lots of progress from this point on.

New Water Cooler Episode
We posted a Water Cooler episode on Thursday that included Beth.  She made the episode a lot more fun.  Check it out at

Randomn Thoughts
– It feels more like October than November
– I was disappointed that TCU – my childhood team – lost tonight’s college football game to Utah
– I am still very excited about the growth on Indian Lake Blvd.  I am particularly ready for the cut-through to the Wessington area – where my kids attend school at Whitten Elementary.
– It needs to rain
– I thought Matt Underwood did a great job leading worship on Wednesday
– I wish I could train my dogs to change my fish bowl
– Anyone who seriously handicaps the 2012 election needs professional counseling
– I miss reading
– I love being the pastor of CIL

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