Preaching Risks / Doug Bagwell

Preaching Risks
The last few weeks I am finding myself taking more risk in my sermons.   I don’t think I have ever held back in speaking the Word.   But, as I am more and more at home in the CIL pulpit, I am finding myself speaking forth with greater clarity and confidence the subjects close to my heart.   I thank God for the opportunity to preach His word.

Doug Bagwell
It was an honor to pray an ordination prayer over Doug Bagwell on Sunday.  Doug has grown a true pastor’s heart over the last few years.   He has gone through the certification process with the Assemblies of God.   I am happy to see Doug step into this new era of his life and ministry as a Lay Pastor at CIL.

3 thoughts on “Preaching Risks / Doug Bagwell

  1. Fran Sandidge

    Just keep it up – I love it!

    I had to miss last Sunday so I will go back and listen to it…
    Also, thank you for Wed. night’s sermon. It was very applicable. I had heard some bits of Seth Godin in some of my business studies but haven’t read any of his books. I think I will read them…
    Thanks for referring his materl.
    I had also read by someone else recently in my quest to change – We have to learn to look at failure differently – we have to view failure as part of our success.

    Anyway, took lots of notes. It was good.

    Way to go Doug! Congratulations.

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