Spiritual Perspectice on Fire from California

I posted my blog on Looking Into Eyes of Fire on Facebook.  My friend Jackie Chapman – who is going to seminary in Pasadena – shared an interesting perspective from where she is proximity to the California wilfires.   You will gain extra perspective from her words:

Fire is an image that I’ve seen too much of this week. It’s scary and hard to control. When the conditions are “just right,” there is no fighting it, it takes on a life of its own. Anything flammable in the path of the fire, gone, consumed. Most of what is burned in these wildfires is brush, all the junk that’s gathered in the canyons; until it gets into inhabited land and starts wiping out neighborhoods, there you hit sadness.

What a fierce image for the Bible to use. Anything flammable or untrue, gone, consumed. But that’s what we should want if we truly want to belong to Christ. The stuff that goes is unwanted, the brush, the junk that collects and needs to be cleansed.

I haven’t heard the message but seems to me that I should gladly welcome a look into Jesus’ eyes of fire if I truly belong to him.

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