Why I Am Not Speaking

I haven’t spoken in the last few services for CIL.  No – I don’t have voice problems.  No – I am not on secret suspension.   I am finding great value in having other people carry the speaking load with me.  Here are some reasons why:
– We have some really good speakers at CIL (David Huff and David Stocker have opposite styles, but I love hearing both of them speak).
– We need less churches where the crowd is built around one person’s speaking.  I believe that will be an old model of church some day.
– On service days that I don’t speak, I have a great opportunity to listen to people’s stories and pray with them.  I am getting better at the listening part, but I still have a long way to go.  The point is, being a pastor isnt’ about speaking – it’s equally about being with the people I lead.   The services I don’t speak allow me to connect better.
– On Wednesdays I don’t speak, I can fit in several more counseling cases and appointments.  Again, more time with people.
– No one wants to listen to the same person twice a week, every week.  Honestly, no one speaks that good.
– I need to hear a good sermon in real time, instead of on itunes.
– According to the Bible, my job is to “equip the saints for works of service,”   When there is a gifted speaker, I am responsible to help develop this skill within them.   Plus, I just really love giving people opportunities to grow and develop.
– A speaking break invigorates me.   I miss speaking, so it causes me to have a fresh passion and focus in my talks when I have experienced a break.

Jeff Deyo at IWTL

Jeff DeyoJeff Deyo agreed to speak at I Want To Lead (www.iwanttolead.com) today.  Depending on the size of our group, we may even do an event at his house.  All of those details are still along way away, but i am thrilled that some one else sees the vision for I Want To Lead. I have known Jeff and his wife Martha for 15 years.   I have personally seen him do great work with teenagers in a local church setting.   Even though Jeff is a well known music artist,  he has a great heart and vision to impact a new generation of leaders through mentorship.  He’ll be a great fit for IWTL.