Why I Am Not Speaking

I haven’t spoken in the last few services for CIL.  No – I don’t have voice problems.  No – I am not on secret suspension.   I am finding great value in having other people carry the speaking load with me.  Here are some reasons why:
– We have some really good speakers at CIL (David Huff and David Stocker have opposite styles, but I love hearing both of them speak).
– We need less churches where the crowd is built around one person’s speaking.  I believe that will be an old model of church some day.
– On service days that I don’t speak, I have a great opportunity to listen to people’s stories and pray with them.  I am getting better at the listening part, but I still have a long way to go.  The point is, being a pastor isnt’ about speaking – it’s equally about being with the people I lead.   The services I don’t speak allow me to connect better.
– On Wednesdays I don’t speak, I can fit in several more counseling cases and appointments.  Again, more time with people.
– No one wants to listen to the same person twice a week, every week.  Honestly, no one speaks that good.
– I need to hear a good sermon in real time, instead of on itunes.
– According to the Bible, my job is to “equip the saints for works of service,”   When there is a gifted speaker, I am responsible to help develop this skill within them.   Plus, I just really love giving people opportunities to grow and develop.
– A speaking break invigorates me.   I miss speaking, so it causes me to have a fresh passion and focus in my talks when I have experienced a break.

2 thoughts on “Why I Am Not Speaking

  1. Lindsey

    ahhh…i love hearing a pastor say “The point is, being a pastor isnt’ about speaking – it’s equally about being with the people I lead”. Especially hearing MY pastor say that. I was just talking to someone the other day about how most pastors don’t succeed because they think being a pastor is just about delivering a good message. But I believe being a good pastor is about being a good shepard and tending to his sheep. thanks for being a great pastor!

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