Satellite TV Proves Less is More

A couple of weeks ago I reduced our satellite package to save a few bucks in the monthly budget.   Before we reduced our package, we evaluated all the channels we would lose.   Beth would lose her Discovery Health, and I lost my beloved Fox News.

After a few days with the reduced satellite package, I discovered something surprising.   I actually enjoyed watching TV with less options!   Instead of trying to manage all my options, I picked a channel quicker and enjoyed the shows.
This made me think of other things that less is more:
– Smaller Restaurant Menus . . . I like a few good items to choose from instead a 10 page menu.
– 3 Song releases on itunes . .. . I purchased my music for the first time in several years when Amy Stroup released three songs only through itunes.
– Shorter blogs – ha!  It’s true, the shorter the blog, the more likely I am to read it.

The same principal applies with our spiritual life.  When we keep it simple, we actually can gain more enjoyment in our relationship with Christ.  Simple and uncomplicated – isn’t that the way a good friendship should be?   Hopefully, I won’t get to0 busy or too religious to remains friend with Christ.