What are you learning from our economy?

I have decided to try to use my blog to be more useful to you.   I know most of you care at some level for me and my family, but you are way to busy to read each day about our activities (unless it’s very unique).   I am going to attempt to provide either useful information or a format for dialogue (my Facebook posts have been the best for dialogue).   This week, I want to give some simple observations on the economy, because our economy is something that effects each of us.

The greatest thing we will all get from this difficult financial time is wisdom.   We will get wisdom only if we take time to think, reflect, learn and respond.   I believe good times will come again, but I for one want to be much wiser when they do.

I am going to share some things I am learning during these times, but what about you?  Beat me to the punch, and let me know what you are learning.