Gas Prices Make A Difference

So as a small time investor, and a part of the “middle class”, here is my first unqualified observations about our economy:

Gas prices really matter.

At one time, I ugas-pricesed to shrug my shoulders at rising gas prices.   People around me stressed out at 20 to 30 cent increase in a gallon of gas, but the simple math just didn’t make that much an impact on me.   Then, 2008 happened.  Sure, it is depressing to see your 401K or IRA dwindle (yes, I lost a lost a lot in my retirement).  However, saving $20 to $30 in gas per fill up really effects the average person’s lifestyle.

Now that gas is under $2 / gallon, we need to push for alternative energy, new drilling of fossil fuels and other reachable solutions to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  Again, our media is so short-sighted in their coverage of the issues.  Where is the talk about our energy crisis?  It still exists!  We still need to get serious about this!

We need more voices from both political perspectives continue to keep the heat on this issue.   Whether it is Newt Gingrich on the right reciting, “Drill Here, Drill Now”; or Thomas Friedman on the left calling us to “Green the Economy” – we need voices. Voices that won’t speak on the energy issue because it is “trendy”, but will champion the cause of energy independence because it is a necessity for our future.   It is amazing to me that no one seems to connect the ridiculous summer prices on gas with the collapse of our economy

I have learned during this time that energy prices really make a difference.   In the future, I will be looking for leaders who have done something in their record about energy independence, and have a clear plan on how we can improve our energy resources in the future.

Have the price of gas made a big difference in your life?

One thought on “Gas Prices Make A Difference

  1. T

    I completely agree with you about the gas prices being a huge part of what has caused this economic meltdown.

    If you think back about when the price of oil started to sky rocket, that’s when most households had to start cutting spending on everything else. And as it continued to rise, we had to find ways to not spend even more. Also, at the same time, in our house, there was no raises in income levels for the past 3 years, which made the rise in oil prices hurt even more!

    I always felt we were wise stewards of the money we made. We’ve always tithed, we’ve never lived beyond our means. And yet, we are struggling now because of production cuts at my husband’s job, and I wonder if he will even have a job in a few months if things don’t improve. I know that God is faithful, but I confess I do have great anxiety at this time.

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