Condoleezza Rice Shares Regret Over Darfur

Condoleezza Rice was on “Meet the Press” yesterday (   She was interviewed by David Gregory, and they made some remarkable statements on Sudan & Darfur:

condoleezza-1221082. . . David, one of the real regrets I’ve had is that we haven’t been able to do something about Sudan. The horrible lives that the people of Darfur are living, the horrible tragedy that is unfolding there.  Now, it’s true, we’ve been able to do a lot about the humanitarian situation.  We’ve even been able to support getting some peacekeepers onto the ground; and where there are peacekeepers, there’s less violence.  But we could’ve done so much more . . . (Condoleezza Rice)
After more dialogue, David Gregory concluded . . .
Isn’t it amazing, the last 16 years of American leadership, two presidents, two big regrets stand out:  Rwanda and Darfur.

The whole conversation about the atrocities in Africa was brief, and the subject was quickly changed.  It’s one of those news stories ignored, and another example of how an important admission from the head of our State Department is widely overlooked.

Yet, more proof that history will judge us by how we responded as a people to genocide.   I want to be part of a church who cares about genocide.

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