Christmas Review

Some highlights from the last few days:

– “It’s A Wonderful Life” was a successful start to bringing Lamplighter’s to Sumner County.   What talented actors!  I look forward to “Pride and Prejudice” in February.|

Kent Henry was a breath of fresh air for our church.   I have always been a fan of Kent’s music, but now he has become a new voice of wisdom and encouragement in my personal ministry.  I think he will have a special relationship with CIL in the future.  We had a nice conversation on the phone today as we discussed ways he can minister to our church in 2009.

– Being together on Christmas Eve is an important thing for our church family.   I know everyone can’t participate, but I was blessed to be with those who were at our Christmas Eve Service.   Penny, Malissa, Matt and Colby did an excellent job with the music!

– After Santa visited the Allison home, we drove to eastern Kentucky to have Christmas dinner with Beth’s family.  We’ll stay here for a few days.  I reflected quite a bit on the relaxing drive here, and God is already speaking to me about next year.  Some of the most significant things I have heard from the Lord have occurred while I have been here in the mountains, so I expect some great spiritual insights as I finish the year up here.

Here arluke-hiking-dec08e some pictures of me and Luke hiking.  We are on the mountain behind Beth’s childhood home in Kentucky.  Look at the last picture – at the bottom, you can barely see the reddish roof of her home through the trees.   The other homes belong to other family members.  

I was proud of Luke for being so brave!


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