Starting School on Monday . . . A Dream Come True!

On Monday I am going to start work on my master’s degree at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.   I will travel there several times this year, and will graduate in December.  The degree will be a Masters of Arts in Ministerial Leadership.  I am so grateful that the Leadership Board of CIL is supporting me in this pursuit.

I graduated from college in December of 1996 with clear plans to pursue more education.  My uncle is a professor at the University of Houston, and he advised me to not stop my momentum, because it so hard to start later.   He was right.  For various reasons, I was never able to start.

Over the years, I visted seminaries in consideration of residency programs and was accepted to the two graduate programs I applied for.   Yet, I never found a release from God to move forward.   Honestly, at times I thought this was a dead dream in my life.

Now, I can see that God had His perfect timing in mind.  I am confident that this opportunity comes at the right time, at the right school and with the right program for me.   This entire education process is another sign to me of how God can provide better opportunities than we imagine when we wait on Him.

I hope this encourages you about God’s work in your life!

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