Mark Rutland’s Unique Leadership Lesson

One of the reasons I was so excited about attending Southeastern University is because of the high respect I have for its president, Dr. Mark Rutland.  I have followed his ministry for years, and he is a world class leader.  During this program he teaches all day on Wednesday.

On this particular Wednesday a unique event occurred – Dr. Rutland announced he was leaving to become the new president of Oral Roberts University.   I was able to hear his masterful sermon to the students as he informed them of this change.  He then went straight Rutlands ress Conferencefrom that chapel service to our small class of twenty.  We were able to hear him process his raw emotions and strategic thinking behind the decision.   We were also with him as he fielded calls from the media and conducted an afternoon press conference (see picture).   It was a first-hand lesson on leadership on a historic day for two separate universities.   I was so impressed with the dignity and professionalism in which Dr. Rutland conducted himself.

The good news for me is that Dr. Rutland is committed to finishing this master’s program with our group.   This makes me very grateful that I took this step in 2009.

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