Good Things About The Inauguration

In addition to the historic significance of having our first African-American president, here are some other positive things about Tuesday’s inauguration of Barak Obama:

– During our peaceful transition of power, George W Bush has been gracious and classy.

– The Democrats get a president from outside of Dixie.   After LBJ, Carter and Clinton, it may be good for them to change regions (okay that may have been a little politically biased).

gates Keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense may be a sign that bi-partisan efforts in our government may occur.   In these times, we really need those guys to work together.
081107_emanuel President-elect Barack Obama’ s pick of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff points to a pro-Israel stance.   For the last 60 years, The United States has been a strong supporter of Israel.   This stance has served our country well for many reasons.   By choosing Rahm Emanuel, the new president will hear council from a man who is deeply connected with the nation of Israel.  He is Jewish.   His father fought for Israeli independence.   I also read from one source that Emanuel volunteered as a mechanic in northern Israel during the first Gulf War.  The early fears that Obama would not be pro-Israel seem unfounded with this appointment.

– Our new president has the goodwill of Congress, the American people and world-wide opinion.   This initial favor gives the nation fresh opportunities both domestically and internationally.

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