Government Bailout of College Football

tennessee_logoIt’s hard to find a bigger college football fan than me.  However, there is a major misappropriation of priorities at the university of Tennessee.  According to the AP Article, “Tennessee will pay more than $5.3 million to its football coaches in 2009, including $2 million for head coach Lane Kiffin $1.2 million for defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.”  If the university is doing well, and the market demands these prices, there is a logical explanation.   However, this week I read in the Tennessean that the University’s  “President John Petersen co-signed a letter to the state’s Washington delegation last week asking for support for the $825 billion federal stimulus package.”  So, if the University of Tennessee can’t pay their bills, why are they paying more money for new football coaches?   I guess the government is now bailing out the college football industry.

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