Ted Haggard Re-Immerges

ted-haggard-oprahEarlier this week I watched a recording of Oprah Winphrey’s interview of Ted and Gayle Haggard.   As he was in his former public life, Ted was articulate and came across authentic.   As an outsider, I discern that there is still a lot of healing and restoration that needs to take place in his life, but only God knows his true condition.   Yet, I think there is much we will learn from Ted Haggard as he re-emerges in the public eye.    Like or not, Ted Haggard personifies the conflict many evangelicals feel between the truth of Scripture and internal battles with the sin nature.  In a permissive society, Christian’s struggling with various addictions and tendancies have more opportunity to act upon these impulses.   The saddest part of the interview was the revelation that Ted reached out to other Christian leaders, but was rejected.   We don’t know for certain if this is true, but it has been true for someone.   We live in a new era of challenge.   We need God’s presence more than ever to stand up for truth, keep us from sin, and to give grace and love to those who have fallen to sin.