We May Be In Trouble in Afghanistan

afghanistan-mapAn analysis of the Afghanistan war by John Yaukey in Monday’s edition of The Tennessean caught my attention for a couple or reasons:

1. Len Stitt from Afghanistan will be with our church next week.

2. I care about the USA’s foreign policy success and the welfare of our troops.

Click here for the full article, but here is a good summary of Yaukey’s thoughts:

Former President George W. Bush talked about winning in Afghanistan. So did Alexander the Great, the imperial British and the Soviets.  All of them left the country — either defeated or just plain tired. Now it’s President Barack Obama’s turn.  Obama has condemned the war in Iraq as unnecessary but wants to send more troops to Afghanistan, among the most ungovernable places on Earth . . .  Afghanistan and the lawless tribal belt it shares with neighboring Pakistan have emerged as perhaps the most intractable security threat the United States faces . . . In Iraq, simple goals aimed at improving daily living conditions — a strategy called “clear, hold and build” — have succeeded. That’s clearly what Obama and Gates intend for Afghanistan.  But this land of goat herders, poppy growers and warlords has defied all attempts at change. – John Yaukey (Gannett News Service).

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