You Can Go To Africa Today

You Can Go To Africa Today (or anywhere else)

Last week I was meeting with some leaders of an African advocacy group. In the course of the conversation, I was asked, “You’ve been to Africa, right?” Almost instinctively, I responded “oh, yeah”, but I quickly corrected myself. I have never been to Africa. I have been invited several times, but it has never been right for me.

So, why did I respond with a “yes” so quickly? I honestly felt I had gone. I realized then, that even though I have never physically been to Africa, I have gone. I have studied issues, asked questions, networked with like-hearted people, given money and stayed engaged on many of the issues. I haven’t gone physically, but I have been there. Do I need to physically go to Africa? I don’t know if I ever will. Yet, this continent has staggering needs that I don’t want to ignore during my time on earth.

You can go there too. You can go wherever you want.  Just ask questions, read, network, learn – engage.

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