National Leadership Forum

This month is my easy, but best week for school at Southeastern University.   The school is putting on it’s National Leadership Forum with some amazing, world-class speakers.    Today we heard the following guys:

mark-rutlandMark Rutland:  President of Southeastern, and one of my favorite leaders.

Rutland spoke from the book of Esther about using influence when you don’t have position.

henry-cloudHenry Cloud:  Christian psychologist, and author of the best selling book Boundaries.

Cloud gave an excellent talk on integrity.  It was more than your typical explanation on integrity, but an in-depth analysis of how a lack of integrity trips up capable and connected leaders.

matthew-barnettMatthew Barnett:  Pastor of The Dream Center in Los Angelas.

Matthew challenged us to give up the dream of being successful, and lose ourselves in the desire to touch the hurting.  A timely challenge to all!

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