Day 2 – National Leadership Forum

Day 2 was another amazing day of learning and inspiration at the National Leadership Forum.    Here was Thursday’s line up:

bgeorgeBill George is the author of my favorite leadership book – True North.  George led the $60 billion company Medtronics.   It was good to hear him speak again.

patrick-lencioniI just read last month a book by Patrick Lencioni called The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.   As a father of four boys,  Lencioni took his consulting principals and applied him to the family lifeduring today’s talk.  It turns out the Lencioni deals with the same chaos  and struggles all young families work through.  His authentic presentation was humorous and endearing.

tsandersTim Sanders gave my favorite talk so far.   Sanders is the former CEO of Yahoo!  He shared a timely talk on living a life of abundance instead of a scarcity.  It was a very mature explanation on why are attitude and perspective is the key to happiness during this difficult time in our nation.  Plus, it was great to hear from a fellow Texan!

dramseyDave Ramsey is an inspiring leader that I have listened to since 1995 when he was only on 99.7 FM in Nashville.  His homespun advice delighted the crowd, as he taught on unity.  It was good to hear Dave teach a leadership lesson that didn’t focus on finances.   He is a talented and unique communicator.

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