Day 3 – National Leadership Forum

I know I am a little late in posting my thoughts from Friday’s speakers.  I went straight from the Forum to the airport, then didn’t have time until now to update Friday.

cgroeschelCraig Groeschel is the pastor of  He gave a great talk called “It.”   It was the second time I heard it, and I loved it both times.

emcmanusErwin McManus leads Mosaic in Los Angelas, which is one of the more innovative churches in our nation.   Erwin relies on honesty and great storytelling to give excellent talks.  I listen to his sermons most weeks on podcast, so it was good to hear him live.

mkellyMegyn Kelley from Fox News did a great job defining leadership as speaking up for those with no voice.  To my surprise,  she spent a good portion of her speech using Bill O’Reilley as a positive example of someone who speaks up for the oppressed.  I could tell that Kelley’s admiration for O’Reilley was sincere and genuine.

tdjakes1Listening to TD Jakes in such a small setting felt very historic.   He really has become an icon.   I was glad to hear that his heart is focused on social justice.

jwelchBill Hybels flew in to Florida just to interview Jack Welch.   Jack had beeen on  the news quite a bit last week challenging the Obama administration to lead differently on the economy.   The fact that the Obama administration changed their tone shortly afterward proves what influence Jack Welch has in the business community.    Bill Hybels is a fantastic interviewer – I have heard him do so numerous times.

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