You Can Go To Africa Today

You Can Go To Africa Today (or anywhere else)

Last week I was meeting with some leaders of an African advocacy group. In the course of the conversation, I was asked, “You’ve been to Africa, right?” Almost instinctively, I responded “oh, yeah”, but I quickly corrected myself. I have never been to Africa. I have been invited several times, but it has never been right for me.

So, why did I respond with a “yes” so quickly? I honestly felt I had gone. I realized then, that even though I have never physically been to Africa, I have gone. I have studied issues, asked questions, networked with like-hearted people, given money and stayed engaged on many of the issues. I haven’t gone physically, but I have been there. Do I need to physically go to Africa? I don’t know if I ever will. Yet, this continent has staggering needs that I don’t want to ignore during my time on earth.

You can go there too. You can go wherever you want.  Just ask questions, read, network, learn – engage.

College Retreat, Pride and Prejudice and A Special Wedding

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to a great group of college students as part of the Tennessee AG College Retreat. There were some extremely sharp students and leaders. Thanks for those of you who prayed for me.

On Sunday afternoon, it was a special moment to officiate the wedding ceremony for James Powers and Kathy Spaulding. This couple has been in our ministry for four yeas, and God has done a great work in their lives. I was especially touched by the efforts of other CIL members to make this a special day for Mr. & Mrs. Powers.

Pride & Prejudice had a great response from the community. I am amazed at the talent in the Lamplighters Theatre Company.  It was fun to see some old friends who were able to see the CIL building for the first time.