What is Your Green Tea Question?

Have you ever had a legitimate question your afraid to ask?   When I first ordered a green tea at Starbucks, I took the cup to the sugar and cream table, then asked my self an important question – am I suppose take out the tea bags? This seemed like something I should have instinctively known, but I was uncertain.

I stood there a couple of minutes having an internal debate with myself – should I ask the barista or just figure it out on my own.   I decided to ask the barista, and he graciously instructed me to take out the tea bag in 4 to 5 minutes.   I know.  I know.  It should be common sense, but I just needed some instruction given in a respectful way.

It made me wonder how many people in church have legitimate questions that they are afraid to ask because they seem so simple.   Do you have a green tea question?

3 thoughts on “What is Your Green Tea Question?

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    1. I don’t see a problem in making change in the offering plate . . . as long as you put in more than you take out. I have actually seen one church where the ushers had cash on hand to provide change. Not a bad idea – especially if your motive is to encourage giving.

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