Healing Comes In An Unexpected Way

There have been two words from the Lord that have stuck out to me in recent days:

– Kent Henry spoke over our church that a “healing rain” is coming to our body.

– When Pastor Doug spoke a couple of weeks ago, he stated in essence . . .  The new move of God will not be like the Pentecostal Revival or the Charismatic Renewal,  but it will be something new and different.

Sunday night I may have had a small foretaste of what this healing could look like.  At our Young Adult meeting a time of healing took place as young people openly shared painful hurts in an open, vulnerable environment.  We sat in silence.  We cried together.  We prayed.   People were healed.

In this case, healing rain wasn’t a prayer line, an evangelist or extra services.  It was young people loving Jesus and each other in a living room.   A healing river flowed through that living room, and we’ll never be the same from it.

2 thoughts on “Healing Comes In An Unexpected Way

  1. margie

    My mom has been healed from an ectopic pregnancy where my sister was moved from the ovarian tubes into her uterus!

    Mom has also been healed of Melanoma.

    I have been healed from Diabetes.

    Whether physical, mental or emotional, I am a firm believer!

    And no matter who abuses it or refuses it, I’ve experienced it. I know it is real and available. I believe it is already happening and will become more evident as we all learn and grow closer to Him.

    Thanks for sharing!

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