Women’s Role in the Church

Beth Allison - 09Beth Allison did an excellent job speaking on Sunday.   I have heard a lot of great feedback on her message, and I personally enjoyed the sermon.  We have a lot of great female leaders at CIL, and  it’s great to see their influence increase.   As this has developled, I have been surprised to discover how many contemporary churches still limit the role of women in ministry.   Where you are at, are you seeing the role of women in ministry increase also?  Hopefully, we can discuss this topic more this week.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Role in the Church

  1. Gail Sircy

    Yes she did do a good job. A lady we did a gutter job for and invited was there and had come the previous Sunday and wasn’t sure about coming back, and you, Pastor Aaron, called her and she came back! Way to go! And said she really felt the holy spirit’s presence. She also said her grandchildren said they didn’t like it, they LOVED it! and no offense to you Pastor Aaron, she’ll love your upcoming messages!! 🙂 Way to go Beth!!

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