Palin Right / Letterman Wrong

Sarah Palin - Today Show I want to commend Sarah Palin for her courage and boldness to stand up to a popular cultural icon like Dave Letterman.   Earlier this week, Letterman made comments about Palin’s family that included what Palin called “sexually perverted comments” about one of her teenage daughters.  You can read more details here.

Despite your affinity for these two popular figures, I think objectively you can conclude that Letterman was wrong and Palin is right on this issue.

For too long we have allowed men to make inappropriate jokes about under age women, with no consequence.   We can’t condemn something with our laws, then laugh about it in our humor.

Sarah Palin is not without flaws or political shortcomings, but at least she is courageous enough to speak her mind on an issue and take up for her children.   She is setting an example of candor and leadership a lot of men should follow.

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