An Intense, But Fantastic Week

IWTL - Group Pic - 09The last three days have felt like two weeks.   The first ever I Want To Lead conference has gone better than we could’ve hope.  A small group of students has been hand chosen by God to launch a student leadership movement.   All of our presenters have been amazing!   Every single presenter – Amy Stroup, Andy Kirk, Rob Winter, The Dave Ramsey team, The Show Hope team, Hazel O’Leary, The Canton Plantation historian, Robby McGee – did a remarkable job!

Last session on Thursday!

One thought on “An Intense, But Fantastic Week

  1. Frank

    Here’s to when that group of presenters looks back and brags to people, “I was there when that started”. Wow, it’s been amazing just following it. Great job to all involved.

    Students, you’ve been blessed to have this amazing group of talent pouring into your lives over the last few days. Take it and run with it.

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