Chowchilla Kidnapping

Chowchilla BusToday is the 33rd anniversary of the Chowchilla Kidnapping, which is one of the most bizarre stories I have ever know about.  For those who followed the story in 1976, I would be interested to know what you experiences when you heard about it. For those who don’t know what I am writing about, check out this link.

4 thoughts on “Chowchilla Kidnapping

  1. Caron

    I been reading up on this story for years. I know there is a list of the childrens names. Anyone know where i can get that? with all due respect to the privacy act. Thank you

  2. Charles Young

    Mr Sage

    I was one of the watch commanders in charge of the comand post for the Madera County Sheriffs Office during this investigation. If I can help you in any way with questions you might have please contact me via email.

    Sgt. Chuck Young MSO Ret.

  3. T

    Mr Sage,

    I was one of the kids. I will always remember the FBI agent with the watch (gold?) who talked with me at the prison we went to after escaping. Pumpkin pie and FBI agents, what else could I want!

    I second the heroics of Ray the bus driver and others. That could have gone very wrong but they stood up and made a difference. It was close.

    I prefer to remain anonymous. I thank you and the other law enforcement men and women who responded. Not so easy on your families.

  4. Byron Sage

    I was one of the first FBI agents on the scene following the notification of the missing busload of children from Chowchilla. I ended up with the assignment of contacting every single one of the children’s parents to collect the following items:
    1. Full physical description, including any scars or marks; 2. Recent photograph of their child; and 3. An article of soilded clothing that had not been washed yet.
    I ended up with a closet full of little lunch bags containing the items, with a physical description sheet and a photograph of these precious little kids looking back at you everytime you opened the closet.
    I also ended up being one of the FBI agents flown out to Livermore to assist with the debriefing of the children once they were successfully recovered due to the heroic measures of their bus driver.
    This was one of the most amazing cases that I would end up working during my 30 years in the FBI.
    Byron Sage, FBI – Retired

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