Sunday Recap – August 23rd

Sunday’s water baptisms were so special.

– It was the first time I baptized someone in goggles – thanks Zach Weddle!

– My special friend Max Barnett took a brave step like he always does in the cold baptismal water. He is an eight year old stud!

– I have deep respect for Lori Singer’s heart and life – so baptizing her was both humbling and a privilege.

– My dear friend and neighbor Julie Scholl made her journey with Christ public. Beth and I have enjoyed our friendship with the Scholl family since they moved to our neighborhood from Australia three years ago. As we watch our kids grow up together on the neighborhood block, it is great to simultaneously see Julie grow in her faith in Christ.

We also had a great Newcomers Dinner on Sunday. I love hearing how people found CIL. It’s always a sign to me how God is moving in people as he brings them to our church.

No Excuse to Quit LogoGot a lot of good feedback from the “No Excuse” series.   “No Excuse to Quit” hit us all.   I hope you finish everything God has put in your heart to complete.

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