Why 10% ?

God has attached his blessing to a percentage (10 %) – or the tithe.  Why?  There may be more interesting reasons, but in short – We give 10% because God told us to.   If he left it up to us to decide how much to give we would probably pick a much lower percentage.   We would pick that lower percentage until we figured out someone gave more; then, our pride would want us to beat the other giver!    Competitive giving produces wrong motives.   Our stinginess and pride keeps us from giving with pure hearts.   Therefore, God established a specific percentage to test our obedience.   Everything we own is his, yet he asks for 10% from us as a test of obedience.

2 thoughts on “Why 10% ?

  1. Aaron, I like that perspective. Stinginess and pride taken away in the tithe. And the amazing thing is is that a church that tithes as a whole has more than enough to see it’s vision through! I’d say God knew what He was doing.

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