Tithing is a New Testament Principle

People will often state that “Tithing isn’t New Testament.”   I reject this notion for several reasons:

1.  Jesus specifically said we should tithe – that should settle it  (see Matthew 23:23)

2.  Most of the New Testament Christians still were practicing Jews.   As a practicing Jew, they no doubt would tithe.

3.  If we really want to practice New Testament Christianity, we would go beyond the tithe.  The New Testament Christian would give all their extra money in a general benevolence fund (see Acts 2:44-45).   It does not appear that they accumulated wealth.  Instead, they had a common fund to help those in need.  Therefore, the New Testament takes us way beyond the tithe.

4.  When it comes to the law, the cross absolves, re-defines or leaves unchanged God’s decree.  I see no evidence that the work of the cross changed the principal of tithing.