Tithing Going Out of Style With Younger Generation

Tithing is going out of style, but it shouldn’t.  I am concerned with the attitude towards tithe that people under the age of 45 seem to have.  Tithing is seen as optional, not a command from the Lord.   Statistics show a decrease in tithing from Generation X and Busters.   Like all giving, members of these younger generations don’t like giving to a general pot, but they want to have more control over their giving.  This is a very beneficial attribute when it comes to donations and causes.   However, the tithe is not like charitable giving or an offering.  A tithe is obeying God by giving to the local body you are assigned to.   How will that church spend the money?   Important to know, but ultimately it’s not your entire responsibility.   Your responsibility is to obey.

4 thoughts on “Tithing Going Out of Style With Younger Generation

  1. Victoria Weaver

    Tithing is not an option – I got that. However, this brings up a question: if you have not found a church home you are happy with, where do you tithe?

    1. Hey Victoria –

      There are no rules to where to give if you are not in a local church. My argument would be, that shouldn’t be a long period of time anyway. There are so many different styles of church to choose from, finding a church shouldn’t be hard. One just needs to choose one, and commit to it as “family”. No church is perfect. Therefor, I would say tithe to your last church until you find a new one. Still, that is not a Scriptural mandate – but an opinion.

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