Abram’s Journey From Good to Great

Earlier this decade Jim Collins released an excellent book called Good to Great in which Collins identified the difference between good and great in the business world.

In Genesis 12:1-2, we read that God demanded a lot from Abram in order for him to move from a good life to reach greatness.   Upon the death of his father Terah, Abram would have become the leader of the family group. God’s commands to Abram were intensely demanding because they caused him to leave his place, his clan, and his family in a world where such actions were simply not done. Only the poverty-stricken or the defeated would wander; only the landless and the fugitive would move about and leave their ancestral homes.

Sometimes you must leave what you know to get what you’ve never seen.  For Abram the real journey was not the physical distance, but a journey of his heart, motivation and destiny.  I hope you are willing to leave familiar places for the same kind of journey when God tells you to leave.

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