It’s hard to leave home, because we leave security to face uncertainty.  Still, many times God can’t change you unless he changes your atmosphere.   Most of us are drawn towards atmospheres where we are recognized – I know that I am.   In fact, one of the loneliest place in the world is when we are unrecognized.   Could you imagine how unrecognized Abram must have felt when he left his home for an unfamiliar land?

Yet, this time when we are not recognized can be a sweet time of communion with God.  If you are scared to leave when God calls you to, don’t be scared of loneliness.   When you are unnoticed by the world, then you are free to live for the approval of God.

2 thoughts on “Unrecognized?

  1. Funny, I had just gotten off the phone with my daughter who has been in Alabama for the last year and a half. She was crying and saying that she hasn’t been happy since she had to move into another apt. in May and didn’t even know why God had her there anymore. Before that, she was so sure she knew He had a reason for her being there, but wasn’t sure what it was. Now she feels it’s time to come home, but was sad that it seemed like her time there was pointless. You reminded me that I can point out the amazing time of spiritual growth this has been for her because it has been just her and God. Thank you for this post.

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