Randomn Monday Thoughts

Spartans Field House– The new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX demonstrates a huge misappropriation of cultural priorities (here is a picture of the former Texas Christian Academy where I attended elementary school that is now a parking lot for the stadium).

– Sunday was a normal, but wonderful service.  There was nothing unique about the service, but a blessing to enjoy a great morning of worship, teaching and friendship.

– I have felt a lot better since reducing the amount of diet soda I drink

– Fall is my favorite season . . . I am ready for it to fully get here

– It’s hard to emphasize enough the positive influence a good school teacher has upon our society.

– We read the Bible through our own culture, tradition and personality.  It’s hard to study the Bible with true objectivity.

– Reminder from Beech-Station Camp game – People should only be able to yell positive things at High School football games.   This isn’t Rocky Top or LP Field – these kids are 15 to 17!   Let’s encourage these kids!

– God never disappoints us.  It’s our expectations of God that disappoints.

– I have a felt a lot better since turning off Fox News, CNN and political talk radio.

– Thank God for health!  We really shouldn’t complain about most of our whining – especially when we are in health.

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