Manipulation Recap

In case you missed last night’s teaching, I spoke on “Manipulation.”   We looked at the life of the wicked Biblical character Jezebel, who is the personification of a “manipulator.” (You can find her story in  I Kings 16:31, I Kings 18-4-13, I Kings 21:1-15, 20-25, I Kings 19:1-3, II Kings 9:30-37).
Using Jezebel as an example doesn’t mean that all manipulators are evil.  To my own disappointment, I have been a manipulator at times.  However, principals from this teaching have helped me realize that is a characteristic I want to starve in my life.
Here are some of the points we discussed last night . . .

Manipulators . . .
1.  Operate from behind the scenes / hide behind the power
2.  Takes advantage of a weak leader
3.  Appeals to the ego of the leaders they want to control
4.  Is determined and vindictive
5.  Use intimidation to get their way
6. Thrive on confrontation – they look for it!

How to Deal With Manipulators
1. Strong Leadership
2.  Expose the manipulation
3. Refuse to participate with a manipulator

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