The Last Few Days . . .

I am sitting in my office this morning catching my breathe after an incredible few days of ministry.   A week ago, David Huff and I went to Austin for SPUR Leadership.    When the conference ended and I took David to the airport, I drove to Dallas to see my sister and her family.  While there I caught up with my high school friends, visited David Stocker (who is excelling at his new ministry position!) and John McKinzie.    I drove back to the Austin area on Saturday night, and preached at Church of the Springs (pastored by Brent Batson) on Sunday.   Flight delays got me home very late on Saturday, then I left first thing Monday morning for our staff retreat on Look Out Mountain (outside of Chattanooga).  Our retreat was intense and productive.   So, this Wednesday morning I am catching my breathe as I return to the church I love.   I’ll try to update you on more of my experience over the last few days in different posts.

I really look forward to speaking at CIL tonight on “Destroyed by Charisma.”  This is one of  my favorite teachings, so I hope to see you tonight at 6:30 p.m.

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