“Bringing it Home” Series

home family priorities

On Wednesday night I am starting a series called “Bringing It Home.” This is the first time I have tackled a series on the family.   Up to this point, I have felt a little inexperienced on a personal level.   However, after ten years of youth ministry and having three elementary children of my own, I am ready to give it a shot!    Actually, I am very enthusiastic about the material and we are going to address the subject of “Family Priorities.”    Hope to see you this Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.

One thought on ““Bringing it Home” Series

  1. Cindy Lee

    Since I have been dealing with this (bronchitis as it turned out to be Thursday) since Tuesday, I obviously missed this very important 1st message in this series. Will you have this on the podcast for me to go back & watch to get caught up?


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