Can listening to your i-phone be a form of prayer?

I used to think that if I had several hours in a car, the only “good use” of that time was prayer.   Since my college days, I have made frequent road trips between my various homes.   I always wanted to make that time “productive.”  I would literally feel guilty if I hadn’t prayed enough on a road trip.

Last night, I had another long drive to meet family for Thanksgiving.   Instead of struggling with false guilt, I simply listened to several hours of diverse music.   As I relaxed my mind, and soaked in contentment, I could classify that musical journey as a spiritual experience.   The music produced nostalgia, inspiration, indignation and hope.   Isn’t that what art is suppose to do?   I thought about creative ideas, sermon illustrations, family goals and long-term perspective.   It may have been the best time of prayer I have had in a while, and I didn’t actually “pray.”


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