Is God using north Nashville to demonstrate new church plant model?

In north Nashville we have seen three significant church mergers in the recent years.

2007 – merged with Hendersonville Chapel, and remained  This has been a very successful merge.

2008 – Sumner Life (which I was the pastor) merged with The Hope Center Fellowship, and became The Church at Indian Lake.  Another successful story, especially since they kept me on as pastor – :).

2009 – As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, barely before 2009 ends, Living to Go merged with Victory Assembly, and remained Living to Go.

How has this benefited our area?   Churches are stronger.  Buildings are being used to their full potential.   Two church plants got out of school buildings, and into permanent facilities.   Three churches in numerical decline, joined forces with other congregations to strengthen their influence.

Is God showing something through our area?  Together we’re better!

One thought on “Is God using north Nashville to demonstrate new church plant model?

  1. Nate

    My mother has told me before that God gave her the impression that revival and church growth would happen in this area (Huntsville, AL) and/or Nashville area. This is exciting!

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