Church Mergers Make Sense Because . . .

The future of the American church is in larger churches.   I respect small churches, and I believe pastors of small churches are some of the hardest workers I have ever met.  However, despite the amazing work of these heroes, people are leaving smaller churches for larger faith communities that can offer  specific ministries.   This is not a commentary, but a statistical fact.

The future for the American church appears to be either “micro” home-based churches without paid leadership, or emerging “mega” churches with large paid staffs.   Although the average church in America still averages around 80 people, more and more church attendees each year are flocking to mega-churches.

I believe more church mergers need to occur so that stronger churches can immerge in our communities.  Like it or not, people’s expectations for churches in the US are increasing, so strong churches can provide for those expectations.  Strong churches can change the culture of our nation!

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